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Our Unique Approach

Finding the right solution… it‘s a partnership

GTT is a premiere cloud network provider to enterprise, government and carrier customers in over 80 countries worldwide. We provide customers with innovative network solutions by utilizing our own network assets, linking over 100 Points of Presence across North America, Europe and Asia, and extending them worldwide through those of our 800 partners.

In today‘s digital world where the application and content directly drives the company‘s revenue stream GTT is a new generation delivery platform. Our unique “application sensitive” platform combines IP, Ethernet transport, and peering services to enable personalized service portfolios that are optimized for the specific needs of each application. GTT allows each customer to vary service speed and quality across different classes of user, enabling delivery costs to be aligned with user loyalty and revenue.

GTT works hard to be different and its our capabilities that help us stand out from the crowd.

Highly configurable services: The service mix can be adapted as needed to meet the unique and changing requirements of each customer and the composition of its user base

Robust, low-jitter network: Delivers continuous rich media content without the time and phase inconsistencies that disrupt a consistent stream of content

Flexible capacity allocation: Provides customers with on-demand extra capacity, eliminating the customer‘s need to build out networks for the worst case

Best-cost routing system: Optimises the bi-directional flow of content through the service that delivers the best value in quality of service (QoS) and cost

One to one direct communication: Establishes highly visible and direct connection between interaction endpoints, eliminating the “black box” of standard Internet connectivity and earlier generation delivery platforms

Single port access to multiple services: Enables access to multiple services from a single physical port, providing built-in redundancy and easier, more manageable connections

Next generation business model: Allows customers to pay for value consumed, versus treating delivery as a sunk costs expense with un-measurable ROI