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ELCON Systemtechnik


Facts and Highlights

Founded in 1990 ELCONs 200 employees serve customers through its offices in Frankfurt, Dresden, Paris, Vienna and Hartmannsdorf. ELCON has a long experience in development projects with major telecommunication network providers and system vendors.

ELCON manufactures certified products for 34 countries and has already shipped well over 10,000,000 CPEs. Major European telecommunication network providers, among them Deutsche Telekom, France Télécom, Telefonica, Telenor and Telekom Austria, as well as system vendors and system integrators, belong to ELCON´s domestic and international customers.


Flexibility and Performance in each Product Line

ELCON operates its own production, service and repair centre in Germany and establishes support centres close to its customers. The high-automated production technology provides for a flexible and cost-efficient top-quality production of both small-sized series and high product volumes. State-of-the-art SMD automatic placement machines, stencil printing and reflow equipment, THT placement lines and automatic radial placement station are used. Extensive test facilities, such as AOI, In-circuit, automatic function test systems, Boundary Scan, Flying Probe, a well-equipped climatic chamber and the EMC test laboratory guarantee a continuously high product quality. Job order production complements the manufacturing of own ELCONnect products.