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Innovation, experience, expertise

With 20 years' experience, Emtelle's competitive strength lies in strong technological capabilities, in relentless research and development, and in people whose dedication and professionalism are exemplary. In addition, to ensure maximum value for our customers, we have pioneered new technologies to create an integrated management system that streamlines all our operations—from supplies and production through to distribution and sales.

In May 2007, Emtelle merged with Dantex, the foremost supplier of HDPE multiduct systems in Scandinavia. This merger reflects the new company's commitment to solidifying its position as a world leader in the provision of ducted network and blown fibre solutions, offering the most wide-ranging line of products and services for organisations building fibre telecommunications access networks.

Directly or indirectly present in all important FttX markets worldwide the company provides end-to-end passive infrastructure solutions in the FttX domain. The company is also a leader in the provision of uPVC ducting and HDPE sub ducting. In all these fields, having completed diverse projects for numerous high-profile clients, the company provided exactly the right solutions in the face of often daunting challenges.

With its collective technical expertise, geographical presence and manufacturing capacity, the new company formed by Emtelle and Dantex is primed to deliver unparalleled service to our customers, providing a solid platform for further international growth.