FTTO Micro-Switches

Future-oriented cabling concepts are primarily characterised by their flexibility. With the 45 x 45 equipment design MICROSENS offers the most compact solutions of active network components on the market.

The MICROSENS FTTO concept is based on the dimensions of 45 x 45 mm (system 45 x 45). This is a widespread design throughout the world that facilitates the use in national and international installation systems. Popular areas in addition to the standard installation in wall trunking systems and under floor systems are table and laboratory equipment as well as pillars in rooms and flush-mounted installations.

The greatest advantage of the system 45 x 45 is its cost efficiency compared to the classic systems, with a 50% reduction in the time and cost expenditure required for installation. Components are no longer screwed but are simply snapped into place in the device carrier or installation sockets provided. This enables the requisite installation time to be considerably reduced.

The installation components of MICROSENS are offered as horizontal and vertical versions. The equipment is delivered in a suitable form so that no conversion or time consuming assembly is necessary on site. This means that installation time is reduced and the robustness of components is greatly increased. The system 45 x 45 – never have assembly and device integration been this fast and simple!

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