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As there are many organizations active within the industries covered by this Portal; below we list below the most important and known organizations that are involved in promoting and discussing the industries, its products and services around the world.


the fiber optic industry a non profit society of professional fiber optics FTTH Council Europe FTTH Council Americas FTTH Council Middle East and North Africa FTTH Council Africa FTTH Council Asia-Pacific


Submarine Cable Industry

-  An interactive map showing the fiber optic submarine cable systems of the world
-  Source:  Telegeography - Website of the Suboptic Conference, held every third year. -  Website of one of the largest Telecommunications Conferences, held every year -  Website of the International Cable Protection Committee

Data & Cloud - Website of a large Data Center Conference - Website of a large Cloud Computing Conference


Offshore Industry - Website of an Offshore Technology Conference - Website of Deep Water Operations Conference