The Portal

The Portal  "TELDAC.COM" is operated by Raftel ehf, a privately owned Icelandic company. The Content Management System, data bases, search engines and general environment of the portal are provided to Raftel under a Franchise Agreement with the Dutch company MCCResources.  MCCResources operates similar portals in various industries, such as TETRA-APPLICATIONS.COM and DMR-APPLICATIONS.COM.

Raftel ehf is a privately owned company registered in Iceland, established in 2002 by Gudmundur Gunnarsson.  The company provides consulting and other services, mostly within the telecommunications and related industries.

The owner of Raftel, Mr. Gudmundur Gunnarsson, has extensive experience from working in many sectors of the Telecommunication Industry for over 35 years.  By having various information on the Professional Telecommunications, Data & Cloud, Offshore and related industries, assembled in one Portal, the objective is to enable interested parties to search for products, solutions and applications offered and provided by the companies in these industries.


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